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Who Is The Girl In YouTuber Armaan Malik’s Latest Video From The Gym? – News18

Armaan Malik is married twice and both his wives stay with him.

In a video that went viral, features YouTuber Armaan Malik engaging in workouts with the new girl, and their closeness is evident.

Armaan Malik, a popular YouTuber known for his fitness vlogs and videos, has once again caught the attention of netizens. His latest gym video has sparked curiosity and speculation about his personal life, particularly his unconventional relationship with two wives.

On July 16, Armaan Malik treated his fans with an intense gym video showcasing his rigorous workout routine. The video not only highlighted his dedication to fitness but also featured him assisting Nishtha Midda, a well-known influencer and close friend of Armaan, in lifting a heavy weight.

The chemistry between Armaan and Nishtha in the gym video quickly became the talk of the town, leading fans to wonder about their relationship. The video went viral, and discussions about Armaanโ€™s personal life started buzzing across social media platforms. One fan even referred to Nishtha as โ€œYe Humari Teesri Bhabhi Hai (This is our third sister-in-law),” hinting at the possibility of a unique bond between them.

Armaan Malikโ€™s personal life has been a subject of fascination for many, as it deviates from conventional norms. In 2011, Armaan made headlines when he married both Payal Malik and his best friend Kritika Malik. Despite the unconventional nature of his relationships, Armaan, Payal, and Kritika have chosen to live together in harmony as a family.

Their unique arrangement has faced judgment from society, but Armaan remains steadfast in his choice to embrace a different lifestyle. It is important to note that Armaan married Kritika without obtaining a divorce from Payal, leading to some controversial discussions around their relationship.

Armaan, Payal, and Kritika live happily together as a family, sharing a deep bond and raising their children together. They have a son named Chirayu Malik, born from Armaanโ€™s marriage to both Payal and Kritika. The love and understanding between the trio have allowed them to navigate through societal challenges, making their unconventional family setup work for them.

Last year, both of Armaanโ€™s wives were pregnant at the same time, with Payal giving birth to twins and Kritika giving birth to a baby boy named Zaid. Now, at the age of 32, Armaan Malik is the proud father of four children, cherishing every moment of his unique and fulfilling family life.

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