Who is the host of IPL Phase-2: Hosting offer from 4 countries including England; To host the previous season, BCCI paid UAE Rs 98.5 crore. Were given

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After England and UAE, 2 more countries like Australia and Sri Lanka have offered to host the remaining match of IPL 2021 in front of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The 14th season of the IPL was suspended after 29 matches due to Corona.

Now the BCCI is looking for a 20-day window for the remaining 31 matches. Earlier South Africa and UAE have also hosted IPL. The previous season was held in UAE and for this the BCCI also gave him 98.5 crores.

Due to the tight schedule and corona this window is likely to be in September-October. Due to the increasing cases of corona in India, the BCCI does not want to take the risk of getting it here again. As such, there was talk of getting it done in UAE like last season. But India has to play Test till 14 September in England. In such a situation, 4 county clubs of England, Middlesex, Surrey, Warwickshire and Lancashire also proposed to conduct IPL. Now Sri Lanka and Australia board have also proposed to host Phase-2 of the tournament. Many more countries may come up with an offer to host it.

BCCI has 4 options …

Option 1: UAE
UAE may be the first option of BCCI. The previous season was also successfully hosted by this country. In such a season, BCCI can easily match here with the same instructions and roadmap. It may be because of Corona that the T20 World Cup is held in the UAE instead of India. In such a situation, after the tour of England, the players can play the rest of the matches here. However, there is also a problem. If cricket experts believe that the IPL and the World Cup will be held in the UAE simultaneously, the pitches will become very slow in the middle of the second tournament.

Option 2: England
England could be BCCI’s second choice. The BCCI can make full use of English Summer to end the league. The Indian team will remain in England from May to mid-September. In this case, the 20-day slot found at the end of September can be easily used. Players from many other countries can also reach there. BCCI has also got the courage to propose 4 English County Clubs.

Option 3: Australia
Australia, which hosts big T20 leagues like Big Bash League, has also proposed to host IPL. If the BCCI takes a decision and the Australian Government changes its policy in 4 months, the tournament can also be held there. However, its chances are less, as Team India going to Australia after England tour, then coming back to India or UAE to join T20 World Cup is almost non-existent. Currently, Australia has banned flights and people coming from India.

Option 4: Sri Lanka
Lanka is going to have the Premier League in Sri Lanka from July to August. If they host this tournament, then it will be decided that they can successfully finish the IPL with the help of the same ground and hotel.

The question arises that why are so many countries ready to host IPL? 3 reasons for this…

First Revenue: The IPL is the largest cricket league in the world. The revenue from it is more than many other sports. BCCI loots money for this and it also earns them crores. Last season, UAE had earned a profit of around Rs 100 crore. When the board of many countries are suffering because of Corona. In such a situation, they can earn profits by hosting IPL.

Second Tourism: Except for India, England and Australia gave the audience entry in the match held on their home ground. Onlookers came to watch the match during the Australian Big Bash League and India’s tour of Australia. At the same time, spectators are also allowed to come to the stadium in England. In such a situation, BCCI, IPL franchises and players will also benefit. IPL is popular not only in India but in the whole world. The government there will also benefit from tourism.

Third on-ground revenue: Apart from hosting boards, countries can get revenue from many more sectors as well. This includes commercial, official partners, sponsors.

2500 crore will be on the cancellation of the tournament. the loss of
BCCI President Sourav Ganguly also said in an interview to Telegraph that he is not hurrying about the tournament at the moment. It will be decided gradually. He said that if the IPL could not be held this year, the BCCI would suffer a loss of up to Rs 2500 crore.

IPL not possible in November-December
This year, a window can be found in November-December for the remaining 31 matches of the IPL, but this will not be possible. During this time, England have to play the Ashes series in Australia. Along with this, mega auction will also have to be done for the next IPL season. In such a situation, it will not be possible to conduct the tournament in November-December.

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