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To prevent the risk of coronavirus infection, wearing a mask seems like the best possible defense for now. It stops the virus suspended in the air from entering into our respiratory tract and causing infection. Several studies have suggested that masks can reduce the risk of contagion by 50 per cent. That’s why people are instructed to wear a mask before stepping out of their house. However, many people are complaining of acne outbreak, anxiety, foggy glasses due to prolonged use of masks – but there is a new addition to the list and that is sore throat. This article will help you evaluate the reason behind this.

Mask and sore throat

We all are well aware that to maintain hygiene, we have to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. But most of us make the mistake of not washing our masks regularly to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria.

As a result, the bacteria, virus, dust and allergens accumulating on the mask can lead to sore throat. These particles tend to reside on the mask when you use them without washing for a long time. The tiny particles pass on to the throat, causing irritation and strain. People with weak immunity and those allergic to dust or pollen particles are more prone to this reaction.

Furthermore, when people wear a mask, they have to speak louder for others to hear them clearly. This can also put unnecessary strain on the throat, leading to irritation.

What should one do to prevent this

Washing your mask is as important as washing your hands. After every use, wash your mask with warm water and soap. Let it dry under direct sunlight, before wearing it again. That’s why it is advised to keep two masks so that you can use them alternatively.

Avoid touching your mask frequently and wash your hands properly before and after wearing it.


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