Why Kerala Family Wants To Ask Supreme Court For Mercy Killing Permission

The family, unable to pay the children’s medical bills, decided to seek permission for mercy killing

Kottayam, Kerala:

A couple in Kerala’s Kottayam said they will go to request the Supreme Court to allow mercy killing of all five members of the family as they are unable to continue the treatment of their children, suffering from a rare congenital disease.

Smitha Antony and Manu Joseph took the decision as they could not find any way to carry on the treatment of two of their three children who are suffering from Salt-Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (SWCAH).

Salt-Wasting is the most severe form of CAH, a group of genetic disorders that affect the adrenal glands that produce crucial hormones.

Ms Smitha said though she and her husband are nurses, they are not unable to go to work since they are needed at home for the complete care of their two children.

Speaking to reporters, she said her two children – Santrin and Santiyo – were diagnosed with SWCAH and the elder one was 90 per cent autistic.

They have sold and pledged their properties to bear the expenses of the treatment and buy medicines, she said.

“We are struggling to find means for our daily expenses, for the treatment of the younger children, and the education of the eldest child. As there is no income, life cannot go on,” Ms Smitha said.

She alleged that they had approached the local panchayat for a job and assistance for the treatment, but got no support.

Though the panchayat committee unitedly decided to give her a job a while back, its secretary didn’t send the necessary papers about the decision to the government, she further charged.

Despite lodging several complaints, nothing happened, she said.

Though the secretary later sent the file to the government after the interventions of the Human Rights panel, no decision has been taken about the promised job, she claimed.

“So, our family now has no option other than requesting mercy killing. We are now contemplating approaching the Supreme Court and the High Court requesting the same,” she said, adding that the familyย is undergoing severe mental trauma.

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