Why Pursuit of Happiness can be Bad and Misdirect Your Passion for Things

Happiness is one of the most valuable assets one can possess in life. It rests on the top shelf and is way more important than money. As a result, you must have heard many people stating the pursuit of happiness as one of their life goals. Though there is no harm in considering the pursuit of happiness as a life goal, the mistaken perception of happiness may infect this much-anticipated pursuit.

Happiness has different versions as it is personal for everyone. While a person may find happiness in bungee jumping, another might find it in reading a well-constructed book. However, in efforts to achieve this personal happiness, we might accidentally become oblivious to the domino effect of our actions. Or, we might hone happy moments at the expense of somebody else.

In such a scenario, the pursuit of happiness, although wished with positive intentions, might get stained with negative consequences. Things go haywire when this oblivion-laden pursuit turns into self-centredness, where you start prioritising your happiness over others. Such people most likely end up lonely, and what good is happiness if you cannot share it, right? And, before they know it, they end up becoming a hedonist who does not care about other peopleโ€™s emotions or well-being.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about being happy in life, but you need to make sure that that happiness also factors in the people around you. An involving sense of happiness is any day better than a single-minded pursuit of emotion.

A fresh perspective in this particular situation is focusing on the world outside while being cognizant about the world you foster inside. Take care of people you love, stay in touch with those who love you, and make sure that you contribute to their life. Believe us, that shared happiness is as wholesome as it can be.

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