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Why reserve day in India-Pakistan match only: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh coaches angry, ACC said – there is pressure from broadcasters

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The Super-4 matches of Asia Cup-2023 will be held in Colombo. The final will also be played here. The Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) advisory on Friday added another controversy to the already controversial tournament.

It was told in this advisory that 11th September was kept as a reserve day for the India-Pakistan match to be held on 10th September. So that if the match cannot be completed on 10th due to rain, it can be played the next day also. But, apart from this, there will be no reserve day in any other match of Super-4. That means, if it rains on the day of the match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, there will be no option to hold the game on the second day.

The coaches of both the teams have expressed their displeasure over this decision. After this, Bhaskar tried to get the opinion of the cricket boards of Asian countries on this issue. We also asked this question to the Asian Cricket Council that if the value of all the teams in cricket is equal then why is the India-Pakistan match being given special treatment.

You can understand what we found out in two ways. There is a short answer…Money, The second is detailed answer i.e. detailed explanation. You will read this further in the story.

Bangladeshi coach said – I have never seen the rules changing like this before
Bangladesh coach Chandika Hathurusingha said- I have not seen the rules changing like this in the middle of the tournament. This is not right. However, the technical committee of all the teams is present here and everyone together must have taken this decision for some solid reason. We wanted that we should also get a reserve day. I will not comment much on this because the decision has been taken.

BCB coach Chandika Hathurusingha discussing with the media before the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match.

BCB coach Chandika Hathurusingha discussing with the media before the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh match.

Sri Lankan coach said- We are surprised, but cannot do anything
Sri Lankan coach Chris Silverwood says- There was a little surprise at first. We are not organizing the tournament, so can’t do anything about it. The only problem I have with this is that if the reserve day helps any team get points, it will affect our position in the table. But now we cannot do anything about the decision that has been taken.

Sri Lankan coach Chris Silverwood expressed surprise on Rogers Day.

Sri Lankan coach Chris Silverwood expressed surprise on Rogers Day.

Sri Lanka Board officials said – we are helpless
A member of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board, on the condition of anonymity, said – We are helpless in this matter. This is an issue of top level officials of the Asian Cricket Council. We are not the official host of the tournament. Pakistan is the host and the advisory has come from it. He must have talked to India.

Asian Cricket Council’s cry…, broadcasters and advertisers put pressure
An official who is part of the managing board of the Asian Cricket Council told Bhaskar – ‘We have to finish the tournament, we cannot play all the matches on the reserve day. As far as keeping a reserve day for the India-Pakistan match is concerned, this match has the highest demand. The most important match of any tournament is the India-Pakistan match. Those who are investing in this tournament, are investing for this match only. Be it broadcasters or advertisers. Everyone gives you money for this match.

The first India-Pakistan match could not be completed due to rain. There was pressure on us to keep a reserve day for the second match to be held between them on 10th September. People have to understand why this decision has been taken.

Over the objection of the rest of the board, he says why would they do this. They also know that this is the most important match and Pakistan is also the host. In such a situation, they also have issues like ticket sales, broadcasters and advertisers. We have kept a reserve day for the final also.

Now let us understand through three questions and their answers why India-Pakistan matches are special?

Question: Why is this match given so much importance?
Answer: India-Pakistan match is the El Clasico of cricket.

India-Pakistan match is called El Clasico of cricket. That means the most classic match. You can read where the phrase El Clasico came from at the end of the story. Coming back to the importance of the match.

The viewership of this match is more than other matches of the tournament. That is why this match is in highest demand in any tournament. Be it Asia Cup or World Cup. ICC also organizes India-Pakistan match in every tournament to wash its hands in this flowing Ganga. So that there is big earning.

Question: Why do broadcasters and advertisers demand IND-PAK match?
Fans all over the world have their eyes on this match. Broadcasters get huge amounts of money from advertisers. In the India-Pakistan match, 10-second advertising slots are sold at three to four times more money than in other matches in India.

Question: Is there any other source of earning from India-Pakistan match?
Answer: There are multiple streams of income

  • ticket sales: Host cricket boards earn money by selling tickets for this match.
  • Broadcasting Rights: Broadcasting rights are auctioned before the tournament. Due to this, the organizing cricket board i.e. ICC or ACC earns huge income.
  • Sponsorship: The sponsorship of the tournament title, player of the series and man of the match are auctioned. This also earns big money.

Question: What is the advantage of host city?
Tourism increases.
To watch the India-Pakistan match, Indians and Pakistanis from all over the world visit the city where the match takes place. Take the example of Kandy-Colombo. A week before these matches, the entire hotels in these two cities have been booked.

Finally let’s know what El Clasico is.
This phrase comes from Spain. The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Spanish Football League is called El Clasico. That means the most classic match. The most important match. The biggest clash.

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