Why Sharad Pawar Decided To Continue As NCP Chief: 5 Points

Sharad Pawar has taken back his resignation as NCP chief

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar has taken back his resignation as the party chief. Mr Pawar had resigned earlier this week. He said though he is back as the party chief, he wants a succession plan.

Here are top 5 points on Sharad Pawar’s return as NCP chief

  1. Mr Pawar said his decision to quit as party chief “evoked strong sentiments amongst the people, party workers, office bearers and colleagues.” He said they were disheartened and he was persuaded by them to come back as NCP chief.

  2. Mr Pawar said he can’t “disrespect” the feelings of supporters, who requested him to continue as NCP chief.

  3. The NCP chief said there needs to be a succession plan for posts that need to shoulder big responsibilities in the NCP.

  4. Mr Pawar said he decided to return after being “overwhelmed with the love, trust and faith showered” on him.

  5. “Even though, I am continuing in the post of president, I am of the clear opinion that there has to be a succession plan for any post or responsibility in the organisation. In future, I will focus on making organisational changes in the party, assigning new responsibilities, creating new leadership,” Mr Pawar said.

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