“Will Become Viksit Bharat In Next 25 Years”: PM Modi's Top Quotes

The coming 25 years are very crucial for us, said PM Modi

PM Modi addressed the last sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha today. He expressed gratitude to all the MPs and Lok Sabha Speaker during his speech. He also talked about the bills introduced and reforms done in the last five years such as abrogation of Article 370 and triple talaq.

Here are his top quotes:  

  • In last 5 years, humanity faced its biggest challenge. We did whatever we could and didn’t let the country’s progress stop. I want to thank members that during Covid, you decided to donate 30 per cent of your salary to help the country.
  • Everyone said that we needed a new building but there was never a decision on it. We took a decision and owing to that, we are sitting in the new Parliament today.
  • The productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha was nearly 97 per cent. I am confident that as we conclude the 17th Lok Sabha, we will transition into the 18th Lok Sabha with a resolution to achieve more than 100% productivity.
  • Many generations dreamed of ‘one constitution’. This house scrapped the Article 370. People who had a role in creating the constitution must be blessing us today.  
  • The whole world is talking about data. By bringing the Data Protection Bill, we have secured a whole generation. It’s a tool for our youth. 
  • The coming 25 years are very crucial for us. Putting politics on one side, it’s our nation’s aspirations that matter now. In next 25 years, India will realise it’s dream of Viksit Bharat
  • We removed over 60 unnecessary laws. This was necessary to facilitate ease of business. Through Jan Vishwas Act, we decriminalized several laws.
  • We focused on the marginalised people in the last five years. The poor trusted us and got free injections during Covid. We brought the Transgender Act. Nearly 17,000 trans people have an ID card now.
  • The elections are near and some people are nervous. 

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