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Indulge in activities such as dancing, learning music, and acting to stimulate the artistic, emotional and creative side of your brain

Humans possess the largest brain among the vertebrates. Divided into two hemispheres โ€” the left and the right โ€” the human brain takes care of analytical and creative activities. While the left hemisphere deals with analysis, logic and attention, the right takes care of the artistic, emotional and creative side.

Communication lines

Connected by a number of nerve fibres, the two sides communicate with each other to bring out the best in an individual. Activities such as dancing, painting, singing or playing an instrument all stimulate the right hemisphere, whereas the left hemisphere can be trained with tasks involving logic, math and analytical thinking.

Online classes

However, with the pandemic-related lockdowns, people are under lot of stress. This is where activities that stimulate the right hemisphere come into play. While there are many online classes for music, painting, dancing and drama, people tend to wonder if these will be as effective as physical classes. However, with technological advances, these classes are equally beneficial. On-the-spot feedback is possible, and one is not bound by geographical limitations. Students and teachers could be living in different places, yet they can connect for classes. One can also use the Internet for reference and examples. Another factor is saving time. One does not need to travel for a class.

For many, especially children, such activities have all-round development effects that are important in the growing years. Dance, for instance, keeps one fit and flexible and also helps improve memory. Similarly, learning to play a musical instrument makes the child creative, sharp-witted, improves concentration and builds confidence. Apart from ensuring that both hemispheres of the brain are in harmony, such activities help one develop a new skill and cultivate oneโ€™s passion. What are you waiting for? Make the most of this time and find a new activity to stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain.

The writer is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Furtados School of Music.


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