With the questioning of the problems of the prisoners-prisoners, the security system was sensed. With the questioning of the prisoners-prisoners, the security system was sensed

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In Badaun on Thursday, DM Deepa Ranjan and SSP Dr. OP Singh took stock of the situation in the jail. The officers entered the jail with a large amount of police force and heard the problems of the prisoners and prisoners detained there. The officers also saw the security situation there. So that no mistake can happen.
In the afternoon, both the officers entered the jail with a heavy police force. During this, the jail officials also got confused for some time. However, later the DM-SSP started inspecting the barracks. Along with asking the prisoners their problems, they asked them to be in discipline. It also made it clear that effective action would be taken if the food was consumed inside the jail.
asked for proper treatment of the sick
Officials also gathered information about how many prisoners were sick. Also saw the condition of his treatment. Also asked to give better treatment to serious patients. The prisoners whose treatment is possible in the jail hospital, they were asked to get treatment in the jail itself. Whereas in case of very serious condition, directed for treatment in a government hospital.
also reviewed this
The officers saw the condition of the CCTV cameras installed in the jail from the point of view of security, while inspecting the mess. In this it was seen that what level of food was being given to the prisoners. After about an hour of instructions, the officers returned.

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