Woman dead, 45 cases of Gastroenteritis reported in Kurnool district

At least one woman died of gastroenteritis in Kurnool district on Wednesday, and 45 cases have been reported across the district.

The woman from Arun Jyothi Nagar Colony in Adoni Municipality of the district was being shifted to a private hospital for better treatment when she passed away. As many as 15 cases of gastroenteritis have been reported from the colony where a religious festival – Maremma Durgamma Devara was being held for the past two days.

A similar outbreak has been reported from Gorakallu village in Nandyal Mandal of the district, where 30 cases were detected in the past two days. Though three deaths have been reported here, District Medical and Health Officer Rama Giddaiah has denied that these were due to gastroenteritis.

Dr. Giddaiah said in a statement that at Gorakallu, a health camp was organised since Tuesday and 35 case of diarrohea were detected. Out of these, 30 cases were treated at the health camp. The remaining five cases were referred to the District Hospital at Nandyal, of which three were admitted at the DH while two others went to private hospitals.

Speaking about the three deaths, the DMHO said that while one of the patients — a male aged about 35 years — died due to ‘chronic alcoholism’ with diarrohea, the other patient (aged 56) had been treated at a private hospital before being referred to GGH Kurnool with ‘kidney failure’. He died at GGH Kurnool. The third patient, an 80-year-old female, was being treated at Shantiram Hospital when she died of age-related diseases.

Adoni Revenue Divisional Officer Ramakrishna Reddy visited the colony in Adoni to arrange a medical camp and get sanitation work done. Nandyal Sub-Collector Kalpana Kumari visited the Shantiram Hospital where some of the GE patients from Gorakallu were admitted for treatment.

The Adoni RDO, at a press conference in Arun Jyothi Nagar Colony, said that the water supply in the colony was chlorinated and tests were done to ensure that itwas not the cause of the gastroenteritis cases. He said all preventive measures were being taken up by the District Administration and the Local Body at Arun Jyothi Nagar, and that a sufficient number of beds were kept ready at the Area Hospital in Adoni in case need arises.

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