Woman E-Rickshaw Driver Hits Traffic Cop With Slippers, Ghaziabad Police Responds

ACP Traffic Police said that a complaint had been lodged against her.


A video of a woman e-rickshaw driver repeatedly hitting traffic police with her slippers has gone viral on the internet. The incident happened on Tuesday in broad daylight and was captured on camera in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram area.

The viral clip shows a woman pushing and hitting the policeman with her slipper in front of a crowd of people. The cop is seen raising his hand in self-defence while the woman continues to hit him. He was seen walking away at the end.

After the video was rapidly circulated on social media platforms, an official case was registered to investigate the incident. 

Poonam Mishra, a senior traffic police official in a statement posted on X said that the woman behaved in an unruly manner and said she is known for her aggressive conduct. 

“We had received several complaints of traffic jams due to e-rickshaws in the area. A traffic cop reached the spot and asked the woman to move her e-rickshaw from the site. But the woman started misbehaving with him. She is known for her aggressive behaviour and has been involved in similar incidents in the past,” ACP Traffic Police, Poonam Mishra said.

ACP Traffic Police said that a complaint had been lodged against her. “A complaint has been lodged and action will also be taken by the traffic department against her for not having a number plate on the e-rickshaw.”

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