Woman Reunites With Roller Skates She Sold 40 Years Ago in Cinderella Twist

A woman in Canada was taken over by a wave of nostalgia as she wore her beloved roller skates decades after selling them, reported The Guardian. The woman, Renée Forrestall, wore the pair of white roller skates as a teen after her mother bought them for her. The high school art teacher got them at a time when she was struggling with a personal loss and spent time alone using the skates. However, she later sold the skates at a yard sale and never looked back. But, as Forrestall was about to turn 60, she thought the best way to celebrate would be some roller skating. Forrestall’s love for skating was revived and she went ahead and bought a modern pair of roller skates.

Apparently, the new pair did not fit Forrestall prompting her to look for an old pair online. She scanned a Facebook marketplace and soon got notified about a seller of old roller skates days before her 60th birthday.

A man named James Bond had listed a pair of vintage skates for $ 40. With the pair significantly old, Bond could not read its size but measured it to be 10 inches. Forrestall, in a bid to get the right fit, measures her foot which turned too and turned out to be 10 inches.

Two days later, Forrestall went to grab the skates from Bond’s home and was surprised to note how perfectly they fit her. Well, it turned out that those were the same skates that Forrestall had sold 40 years ago.

Astonished, Forrestall even pulled back the tongue on the skates and found her name inscribed on it. “The guy [Bond] was standing there and when I looked at him and I peeled back my name, my eyes filled up with tears because I literally had my life flash before my eyes,” Forrestall told The Guardian.

Forrestall paid the asked price and drove home grabbing her roller skates. She said that being reminded of the old memories has been bitter-sweet for her. “It’s very emotional,” Forrestall added. Forrestall shared that she came from a big family and her father suggested that the children write their names on personal belongings to avoid fighting. Forrestall too did the same that helped her 40 years later in identifying the roller skates. Forrestall even documented the whole coincidence with her daughter in a TikTok video which later went viral.

Once reunited with the skates, Forrestall cleaned them up, bought matching laces and red wheels, and is excited to once again go around skating with her friends this summer.

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