Women constable played duty with duty, people are saluting their spirit | Priyanka Sharma, female constable, played duty with duty, people are saluting their spirit

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Shamli6 hours ago

In Shamli, UP, a female constable did duty by carrying a son in her lap.

You must have often heard and seen that a woman plays many characters at once. Then whether it is the responsibility of being a mother or the responsibility towards her work. The case is in Shamli district of UP, where pictures of women constables doing duty with their 1-year-old son at the counting venue are going viral on social media. Even in the Corona crisis, everyone is applauding them by seeing a picture of a woman constable with a 1-year-old son on duty at the counting site.

According to the information, you must have seen many forms of UP Police. But this picture is of the duty of mother’s mother and khaki. Actually, there is a woman constable named Priyanka Sharma, who is posted in Mahila police station in Shamli district. Priyanka Sharma has 1 year old son Atharva. Priyanka Sharma’s husband is also in the police who is currently posted in Ghaziabad.

People salute Priyanka’s spirit
Priyanka Sharma’s duty in the three-tier panchayat election is at the Thanabhavan counting place in Shamli. While in Corona crisis, people are afraid to go out, in the same time of Corona, Priyanka Sharma lady constable along with her 1-year-old son Atharva were on duty at the counting site. Now the photos in the video of Priyanka Sharma doing duty with her son are going viral on social media. People are saluting the spirit of this lady constable.

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