Women’s Commission member Rakhi Tyagi retaliates on Meena Kumari’s controversial statement | Women’s commission member Rakhi Tyagi retaliated on Meena Kumari’s controversial statement, said – mobile is a protective shield for women, help is available in emergency

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A war of words broke out over girls keeping mobiles.

Another member of the commission, Rakhi Tyagi, has retaliated on the controversial statement of Meena Kumari, a member of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Women. Rakhi Tyagi, a member of the UP Women’s Commission from Meerut, said that we ourselves ask women to get help by calling the helpline numbers in trouble. The state and central government have provided so many helpline numbers for the safety and justice of women. If girls do not keep mobile, then how will they ask for help in trouble. Girls get spoiled by keeping mobile, it is a matter of backward thinking.

If daughter has mobile then parents are tension free
Girls get spoiled by having mobile, this may be a personal opinion, but it does not apply to everyone. Mobile security cover. When the daughter takes the mobile, the parents also get tensed
Live free that the daughter is safe. The victim calls us for help. Rakhi Tyagi is handling the responsibility of Meerut, Sambhal, Muzaffarnagar and Amroha regions.

We ourselves say that call and ask for help
Rakhi Tyagi said that day and night, women give the number of the commission. 118, 112, 1090 give information about helpline numbers. Call the police by giving information on these numbers.
We ourselves say that girls should call and ask for help, if there is no mobile then how will we listen to their problems.

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