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Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 Red Card Controversy: Lauren James to miss at least one match for violent behaviour; England win semi-finals

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  • Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 Controversy; Lauren James Red Card | England Vs Nigeria

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England’s star player Lauren James was given a red card for violent behavior in the quarter-final match played between England and Nigeria on Monday in the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023. The red card for England’s Lauren James, who scored two goals in her 6-1 win against China, means the star player will miss at least one match.

Lauren was initially shown a yellow card in the 87th minute of the match for a violent tackle on Nigeria defender Michel Alozie, but after a VAR (Video Assistant Referee) review, referee Melissa Borjas gave him a red card. Replays showed that Lauren stepped forward with her feet on Mitchell.

After watching the replays, England's star player Lauren James was given a red card.

After watching the replays, England’s star player Lauren James was given a red card.

England beat Nigeria
In the absence of star player Lauren James, England beat Nigeria in a penalty shootout on Monday to book a place in the quarter-finals. This pre quarter match ended in a 0-0 draw after full time and extra time (120 minutes).

Nigeria had the better chances, but England, playing with 10 men, won 4–2 in a shootout in front of nearly 50,000 spectators in Brisbane. England will take on the winner of the match between Colombia and Jamaica in the quarter-finals in Sydney on Saturday.

meaning of red card in football
A red card is given if the player’s behavior does not improve even after the yellow card. Red card means the player has to go off the field. If a player is ejected, no other player can come in his place. In this way the number of players is reduced.

On receiving a red card, the player is banned for at least one match. The rest depends on how big the offense is, how many matches will be banned. If the offense is major then the ban of the player can be extended even further.

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