Work at full steam atop three flyovers

Work on twin six-lane flyovers at Vyttila and Kundannur expected to get over by month-end

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will dismantle slabs, girders, and pier caps of the Palarivattom flyover by mid-December, even as it has begun reconstruction of a pair of pier caps of the structure.

Fifty per cent of the dismantling work that began in early October is over. Reconstruction work too began simultaneously a month ago, to cast pier caps and other structures, at the casting yard, official sources said.

Similarly, pillars are being strengthened by concrete jacketing, prior to launching pier caps. The flyover will be rebuilt in eight months, as was scheduled, by June 2021. Traffic regulations at the site too are working as per plan, they added.

Twin flyovers

In the meantime, work on the twin six-lane flyovers at Vyttila and Kundannur is expected to get over only by the month-end. The revised deadline was mid-November. The original deadline set by the PWD (NH Wing) for Vyttila was May 2019, and for Kundannur, it was March 2020.

Official sources said 80% of the labour-intensive work to pave the concrete surface of the flyovers using mastic asphalt was over. The rest can be completed in a few days, if there is no rainfall. A 40-mm-thick layer of bituminous concrete will be laid over it. This may take up to two weeks. Direction boards and signals too have to be installed.

At Vyttila, work to top approaches of the flyover using dense-bituminous macadam (DBM) is over. Street lights which have automatic timers have become functional. Height gauges too are ready at either sides, to prevent vehicles taller than 5.5 metres from entering the flyover, over which the metro viaduct passes. Lines and cat’s eye studs to demarcate lanes will be readied in a fortnight, they added.

Serpentine traffic hold-ups at the two junctions is still a problem, what with the one on the Palarivattom side of the Vyttila flyover often extending 1.5 km up to Chalikkavattom.

Traffic tower

Even as the flyover is nearing completion at Vyttila, the odd location of the traffic police watch tower at the junction could hamper free movement of vehicles in the Kundannur-Palarivattom direction. It can well be relocated towards SA Road, carving out more space at the junction, which is said to be the biggest in Kerala. The Kerala Infrastructure Investment Board (KIIFB) does not allot funds for such relocation work, sources said.

As per estimate, a whopping over one lakh passenger car units criss-cross the junction daily.


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