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World Hindi Diwas 2024: Best wishes, quotes, HD wallpapers and more

Image Source : FREEPIK Best wishes, quotes and more for World Hindi Diwas 2024.

World Hindi Diwas is celebrated on January 10 every year to promote and celebrate the rich language of Hindi. This day holds great significance as it marks the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference held in Nagpur in 1975. On this day, various events and activities are organised to showcase the cultural and linguistic diversity of Hindi. It is also a reminder to preserve and protect this language, which is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide. Governments, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions come together to organize programs such as seminars, workshops, and cultural events to promote the importance and usage of Hindi. 

Not only is Hindi our native tongue, but it also represents pride and national identity for all of our countrymen. Hindi connects us through a common emotional bond. So on the occasion of World Hindi Diwas, send these quotes, wishes, HD images and messages to wish your loved ones those who stay away from you. 

World Hindi Diwas Wishes and Quotes: 

Warm wishes to all on World Hindi Diwas. Embrace the culture, tradition, and beauty of Hindi.

On World Hindi Diwas, let’s pledge to promote and preserve the Hindi language’s legacy.

Celebrating the linguistic diversity and richness of Hindi on World Hindi Diwas.

As we commemorate World Hindi Day, let’s remember the importance of language in shaping our identity.

On this World Hindi Day, let’s reflect on the beauty and depth of our language, Hindi.

Bharat maa ke bhaal par saji swarnim bindi hoon,

Main bharat ki beti aapki apni Hindi hoon.
Hindi diwas ki shubh kamnaayein!

Aao ek saath milkar muheem chalayein,
Aaj hi se Hindi bhaasha apnayein.
Happy Hindi diwas!!

Haath mein tumhare desh ki shaan,
Hindi apnakar tum bano mahan,
Happy Hindi Diwas!!

Hum sab ka abhimaan hai Hindi,
Bharatvarsh ki shaan hai Hindi!
Happy Hindi Diwas!!

Angrezi bhasa ko phachaad do,
Aur Hindi ko aakaar do!
Happy Hindi diwas!!

Poori duniya mein apni alag pehchaan banayein,
Desh-Duniya tak Hindi pahucayein!!
Happy Hindi diwas!!

World Hindi Diwas 2024 HD Images:

India Tv - World Hindi Diwas 2024

Image Source : FILE IMAGEWorld Hindi Diwas 2024

India Tv - World Hindi Diwas 2024

Image Source : FILE IMAGEWorld Hindi Diwas 2024

India Tv - World Hindi Diwas 2024

Image Source : FREEPIKWorld Hindi Diwas 2024


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