World Malaria Day 2022: 9 Ways to prevent mosquito breeding at home

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9 Ways to prevent mosquito breeding at home

Malaria is caused by a parasite that is transmitted by an infected female anopheles mosquito bite. It injects the parasite called Plasmodium into the bloodstream resulting in the infection. Eradicating mosquitoes completely from your surroundings is a difficult task. However, it is important to keep your surroundings clean to stay protected from a number of diseases. On World Malaria Day, let’s talk about ways in which you can prevent mosquito breeding.

9 Ways to prevent mosquito breeding 

Removal of static water – Mosquitos breed in water. One needs to take care of every space in their home which has standing water. If you have a few of them in your home then you should get rid of the water immediately or change it regularly. It eliminates the chances of mosquito breeding.

Cleaning of bath area and clogged spaces – Make sure to clean the clogged spaces which can give mosquitos a breeding ground.

Repair dripping and other leaky things – If your sink and other items which regulate the fluid in your house are dripping or leaking, you should instantly call the plumber until it is too late and the mosquitos start to breed in that water

Clean your driveway area – Mosquitos also find their breeding ground in the driveway puddles. So make sure that it is clean all of the time.

Remove the plastic bags that have fluid in them – Plastic bags that have fluid in them are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes as the larvae can breed anywhere in the water.

Make the deepwater – It is believed that mosquitoes are unlikely to breed in 2 feet deep water, they mostly breed in shallow water.

Break the larvae activity – You can break the continuity of the larvae generation from the water fountains, water wigglers, waterfalls, and other running water areas. It stops the larvae to come onto the water surface to breathe. You can use pesticides for the same.

Throw away the old containers and garbage – Old plastic containers and garbage bins are again an open invitation for mosquitos to breed. Make sure you discard away the waste that gives mosquitos a breeding ground.

Replace the water for animals – If you have put out water for animals in your outdoor area, make sure that you change it twice a week as it promotes mosquito breeding.


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