World TB Day today, see how some patients of Hamirpur beat TB | World TB Day today, see how some patients of Hamirpur beat TB

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Tuberculosis (TB) is no longer an incurable disease. The proof of this is the health of a 25-year-old youth and a 12-year-old boy from the district. Both of them had Extensively Drug Resistance (XDR) and Multi Drug Resistance (MDR) infections, respectively. With regular treatment and nutritious food, both are now completely healthy. However, these cases are only hallmarks. There are many such cases in the district who are completely healthy today despite suffering from severe infection of tuberculosis.

People beat TB with proper counseling

The 25-year-old youth, who has been battling TB for five years, is originally a resident of Sumerpur and had contracted TB while working in a factory. On the condition of anonymity, the young man told that he had TB at the age of 20. Treatment went on for some time in Lucknow. If he did not get rest, he went to Chhani in Naugaon of MP. Had taken medicines there too, but did not get any special relief, then left the medicines. After getting tested in the government hospital, it was found that TB has worsened to MDR. Its medicines were also received from the hospital, but once again he sat ignorantly and left the treatment incomplete. Due to which MDR TB got converted into XDR. After which he followed the medicines and doctors’ advice from the TB hospital. Today he has completely defeated XDR TB.

199 TB patients found in 2022

Similarly, a 12-year-old girl from a locality of Hamirpur also became a victim of MDR due to laxity in the initial treatment of TB. But by taking continuous treatment and taking the medicines of DOTS, it has been cured. If we take a look at the statistics of TB, then in the year 2020, 1825 patients of initial TB, 66 of MDR and 6 of XDR were found in the district. In 2021, 2037 patients of initial TB, MDR 37 and 7 patients of XDR were found. So far in the year 2022, 196 patients of initial TB and 3 patients of MDR have been found.

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