World winner will say goodbye to sports!

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Chess world champion Mallika Handa is contemplating saying goodbye to the sport. Because he is very angry with the Punjab government. He has vented his anger by releasing the video. He says that the government had promised him a job, but it has not been fulfilled. Maybe she is dumb and deaf, so she is being ignored. Not only this, he is also not called in the programs organized to honor the players.

The Punjab government is giving lakhs of crores of rupees to the remaining disabled players and the one who brought laurels to the country in the world is being denied outright. The government is doing this because it cannot speak or hear. Mallika is fighting for a government job since last year, but the ministerial officers of the government give all assurances, but do not take the matter forward. Mallika has opened a front against the government on her Twitter handle for the last few days.

Malika's tweet in which she has vented her anger.

Malika’s tweet in which she has vented her anger.

In her tweet, Mallika has written that of course she cannot hear and speak, but she can write and will open the ears of the government only by writing. Mallika is also sharing her videos on Twitter and gets emotional while saying her words in gestures.

Showing her medals and winning awards, she says that she did all this for the country. The Central Government also honored him with the National Award, but the Punjab Government is not investigating him. Many efforts have been made for a job, but till now the government has not caught any hand in them.

Previous announced cash award, new minister saying no provision

During the Congress regime, former Sports Minister Rana Gurmeet Sodhi had also written a letter to Mallika, saying that she would be given a cash award. Job will also be awarded. Wherever there will be a program to honor the players, Mallika will be invited by sending an invitation.

After this, the program was also decided to honor the players, the invitation also came, but he got killed by Kovid. If there was some relief from Kovid, then the honor ceremony was organized during the reign of Captain. Unfortunately, for this neither the invitation letter came, nor the cash award with respect nor the job was received.

Rana Gurmeet Sodhi was discharged from the cabinet after the captaincy and he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party, leaving the Congress. All his words and promises came out in the air. Now after the formation of Channi government, Mallika also contacted the newly appointed Sports Minister Pargat Singh. He also narrated the whole story to Pargat.

Pargat said that he has no provision to give jobs and cash awards to such dumb-deaf disabled players, but still a solution will be found after discussing their matter. Mallika says that when other players are being given jobs on the basis of their performance, then why is her case not being accepted. She has also played the National Championship 7 times and has been a world champion. How can the government ignore them?

Mallika Handa with the President after receiving the National Award.

Mallika Handa with the President after receiving the National Award.

Government is making fool for 5 years

Mallika said in her tweet that the government has been fooling her for 5 years. Why was the invitation sent when the government did not want to give them cash awards and jobs. The first sports minister of Congress sends him an invitation for the honor and the event gets canceled due to Kovid. After that the program happens then everyone is honored and they are released.

Now on meeting Pargat Singh, the new Sports Minister of the Congress government, he says that he does not have a provision to give cash awards and give jobs to the players who are incapable of hearing and speaking. He said that the government was making fun of him. On the one hand, the central government awards the National Award for the same sport and on the other hand the state government says that they do not have any provision. This is the double standard of the government.

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