Wriddhiman will not tell the name of the threatening journalist: Saha said – I do not intend to destroy anyone’s career, there was no talk with BCCI

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Cricketer Wriddhiman Saha will not reveal the name of the journalist who has threatened him to give interviews to BCCI. Saha told The Indian Express that BCCI has not spoken to me yet. If he asks me to name, I will say that I do not intend to destroy or humiliate anyone’s career. This is the reason why I did not name the journalist in my tweet. My parents have not taught this to me. The main purpose of my tweet was just to say that there are some people in the media who do this kind of work.

Screen shot of the message sent by the journalist to Saha.

would have been wrong if i had mentioned the name in the tweet
Saha further told The Indian Express that it would have been wrong if I had mentioned the name of the journalist who did this in the tweet. He knows very well. Why did I tweet that? I just wanted that the same situation should not happen to other players as it happened to me. I just wanted to point out that what that journalist did is wrong and no one can do the same thing again.

Nothing happened with BCCI President
Saha further said that he has not had any conversation with Ganguly in the last few days. However, former India spinner Pragyan Ojha who is currently part of the Indian Cricketers Association (ICA) in the IPL Governing Council. He has spoken to them. Saha said that Ojha had called him. He said that if you have to take any action against that journalist, then BCCI is with you. Saha replied to Pragyan that at the moment he is not ready for it.

Journalist Boria Mazumdar is being accused

Senior sports journalist Boria Majumdar’s name is coming to the fore in the case of Wriddhiman Saha being threatened. People on social media are telling Majumdar the journalist who made this threat. A BCCI source has also confirmed to Dainik Bhaskar that Boria Majumdar’s name has surfaced in this case. Although Saha has not made any complaint in writing so far, no action is being taken.

When Dainik Bhaskar called Majumdar to get the version, he hung up. Bhaskar contacted him again, but Majumdar did not pick up the phone. A WhatsApp message was also sent to him to know Majumdar’s side, but he did not get any response. On the other hand, BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal told Bhaskar that whoever is responsible in this matter, will take strict action against Saha after receiving a written complaint.

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