Writer, theatre person Jevoor dead

Writer, teacher and theatre personality Induhas Ramarao Jevoor (80) died of cardiac arrest in Dharwad on Wednesday.

Mr. Induhas, who served as teacher, principal at KE Board’s School in Dharwad for 40 years, was also a writer and playwright and directed several plays. He is the husband of theatre personality Vishaya Jevoor. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

A native of Benal in Vijayapura district, Mr. Induhas was involved in promotion of theatre and literary activities in Dharwad. Apart from directing plays translated into Kannada, he also wrote plays titled ‘Mareechike’, ‘Muttina Bale’ and children’s plays ‘Siddhartha’, ‘Satyavembudu Harano, Haranembude Satya’, ‘Vesalisa’ and others.

His stories were published in various Kannada magazines and he also wrote the column ‘Makkaligagi Vijnana’ (Science for children) in ‘Karmaveera’ Kannada digest.


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