XBB1.16: 5 Facts On New Covid Variant Delhi Chief Minister Warned About

Speaking about Covid situation in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said there is nothing to worry.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said XBB1.16 is the prevalent variant of COVID-19 found in samples being tested in the national capital. He was speaking about the Covid situation in Delhi and said there is nothing to worry.

Here are five facts on XBB1.16:

  1. The variant was discovered in January, according to news agency PTI. The highest number of Covid cases of this variant has been found in Maharashtra and Gujarat at 164 each, followed by 93 Telangana and 86 in Karnataka, according to data of medical body INSACOG.

  2. Mr Kejriwal today said XBB1.16 spreads quickly but doesn’t cause serious illness. He also pointed out that a fully vaccinated person too can be infected by this variant.

  3. The Chief Minister further said that 48 per cent of samples tested have been found to be carrying this variant and other samples too contain the sub-variants of this one.

  4. Amid a gradual increase in the number of Covid cases in Delhi, health experts say the XBB1.16 variant of the virus could be driving the surge.

  5. Earlier this month, the Maharashtra government said that active cases doubled within five days due to the rapid spread of XBB1.16.

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