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Xbox Could Block These Gaming Controllers Soon: What Does It Mean For You? – News18

Last Updated: October 31, 2023, 08:30 IST

Microsoft could be planning for a major change for gamers

Xbox gamers have been able to use third-party controllers and accessories for a long time but could that be about to change?

Microsoft is taking Apple’s cue and starts blocking unauthorised third-party Xbox gaming controllers. The company has reportedly shared this bad news with millions of its Xbox gamers who have been using controllers that do not come with the Designed for Xbox sticker.

The report by The Verge has been quoted saying that multiple posters have been spotted with the warning for these third-party Xbox controllers. Blocking third-party devices has been Apple’s thing for years, where it strictly wanted made for iPhone chargers and cables to charge the iPhones, while other accessories were blocked from accessing the device for charging.

Microsoft has not officially made any claims of blocking these Xbox controllers but the warning is a clear sign that the company is headed in a direction which severely affects its popularity among gamers, and probably push more people towards Sony’s PlayStation which already has segment-leading share.

The report mentions that Microsoft is not blocking the accessories immediately, in fact, the users of these controllers are being given two weeks to use the device, after which the company promises to block its access to the gaming console, which means you will have to either invest in a new controller that Microsoft has authorised for use with Xbox. The error message says that these users will be advised to contact the manufacturer whose accessory they are using and try to return it back to them.

Decisions like these don’t make Xbox popular among the gaming community, especially for those, who prefer to get the third-party controllers that cost much less than what an Xbox controller costs.

Some companies have already shared their displeasure about this move via posts on social media and you could soon expect hardcore gamers venting their anger over this move. We’re just hoping that the reported move to block controllers from Microsoft doesn’t open a can of worms that other companies try to replicate (we’re looking at you Sony) which will further infuriate gamers across the globe.

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