Y+ category security sought from CM, demand to provide security to the witnesses of Raju Pal murder case as well. Umesh pal murder case updates: MLA Pooja Pal met CM Yogi, Y+ category security sought from CM, demand to provide security to witnesses of Raju Pal murder case

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  • Umesh Pal Murder Case Updates : MLA Pooja Pal Met CM Yogi, Y+ Category Security Sought From CM, Demand To Provide Security To Witnesses Of Raju Pal Murder Case

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Pooja Pal met the CM and demanded Y+ category security.

Frightened by the killing of Umesh Pal and constable Sandeep in Prayagraj on February 24, Chail MLA Pooja Pal met Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at his residence on Sunday and demanded Y+ category security for herself. Pooja Pal has demanded protection for the witnesses in the ongoing CBI probe into Raju Pal’s murder case. CM Yogi Adityanath told Pooja Pal to stand firmly. The government will give protection to all the witnesses.

Pooja Pal’s Y+ category security will be considered

Pooja Pal, MLA from Kaushambi’s Chail assembly seat, reached Prayagraj after meeting the Chief Minister. Pooja Pal told that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that Y plus category security will be considered. Pooja Pal has been defending the Raju Pal murder case in 2005 for 18 years. Pooja Pal told that in view of the death threats she has been receiving from Atiq Gag since 2019, she has demanded Y+ category security. The manner in which Umesh Pal was killed has increased the threat to his life. It is known that the case of murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal, husband of Pooja Pal, was investigated by the CBI court. The matter has been heard. The decision is yet to come in the Special CBI Court of Lucknow.

What did Pooja Pal write in the application given to the Chief Minister?

In the application given to CM Yogi, Pooja Pal has said that it is requested that under Section 147, 148, 149, 302, 307. 120B, 506 IPC and 7 CLA Amendment Act, Police Station Dhumanganj, District Allahabad, under case number 34 / 2015 The investigation was done by the CBI and the charge sheet against Mafia Atiq Ahmed has been filed in the CBI Special Court, Lucknow. The applicant is a witness in the triple murder case of Raju Pal, MLA after CBI investigation. Accused Atiq Ahmed is an interstate level mafia. In such a situation, he is being threatened continuously since 2019 by Atiq. Pressure is being created by threatening that I should not go to CBI Court Lucknow to testify. If she goes, we will kill her. Umesh Pal, the witness of the chargesheet filed by the police, was shot and killed in broad daylight on February 24, 2023, for testifying against Mafia Atiq Ahmed. This scares me and my whole family. Therefore, sir is requested to please provide (Y+) security to the applicant.

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