“Yoga Camp In Guwahati”: Sena Mouthpiece’s Scathing Attack On Rebel MLAs

The Uddhav Thackeray-led Sena faces a tussle that threatens to bring down Maharashtra government


The Radisson Blu hotel in Guwahati has turned the venue of a “yoga camp” where nearly 40 Maharashtra MLAs have accepted that the BJP is a superpower, Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana said in a scathing editorial today amid a tussle within its ranks.

Laced with sarcasm, the editorial says that the “leader of the yoga camp” — an apparent reference to rebel Sena MLA Eknath Shinde — has claimed that the BJP “taught a lesson to Pakistan”.

“We are being introduced anew to the self-respect of Hindutva. What proof of teaching a lesson to Pakistan was show at the yoga shivir? Pakistan’s infiltration continues in Kashmir and Hindu Pandits are being killed. Hindus have to flee Kashmir during the rule of the BJP, which claims to be a Hindutva government. Is this your superpower,” the editorial asked.

Those in the “yoga camp” appear to have been “intoxicated” and they are speaking in that state, the article said.

The Sena mouthpiece then accused the BJP of engineering the rebellion in its ranks by threatening MLAs with actions by central agencies. “It is because of this that seven-eight members of the camp have become their slaves,” it said.

The editorial added that those in the Guwahati “yoga camp” are linked to “bhog” — materialism — instead of “yoga”.

“The BJP ropes in rented leaders and claims greatness,” it added.

The editorial targeted the BJP-led central government on several other issues, including China’s aggression, India’s stand on the Ukraine War and the recent row over ‘Agnipath’, the new military recruitment scheme.

Pointing to the protests under the scheme, it said Maharashtra remained peaceful during this time.

“This is a conspiracy to destroy Maharashtra. Floods are raging in Assam but its Chief Minister is focusing on the yoga camp in Radisson Blu,” it said.

The editorial said the whole Opposition has come together owing to Guwahati’s “yoga camps” and that the country is uniting against this “marketplace” of MLAs.

“The world bows to the rising sun, but there is only darkness in Guwahati’s yoga camp,” the Saamana editorial said.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena facesย a massive internal tussle that threatens to bring down the Maharashtra government. While the Sena has accused the BJP of engineering the rebellion led by state minister Eknath Shinde, the BJP has said it has no role and that this is an internal matter of Shiv Sena.

Mr Thackeray, whose camp now has fewer MLAs than the rebel camp, is to chair a national executive meeting of the party today.

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