Yogi Adityanath Gorakhpur Latest News And Updates: Samajwadi Party Flag Colored Urinal In Railway Hospital In Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh | Put red and green tiles in the hospital’s urinal, SP said – this is the result of the low thinking of BJP

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This photo is of the Railway Hospital in Gorakhpur. Here red and green tiles have been installed in urinals made in toilets.

  • Lalit Narayan Mishra railway hospital case, SP ties the tiles in the urinal with the party’s color
  • SP demanded action for this act

Red and green tiles have been installed in the toilet of a hospital in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s city Gorakhpur. The Samajwadi Party has objected to this. The Samajwadi Party tweeted with its official Twitter handle that it was a shameful incident to tarnish democracy by painting toilet walls in the color of SP.

Railway operates hospital

Actually, there is Lalit Narayan Mishra Railway Hospital in Gorakhpur. It is operated by railways and treated by railway personnel. The hospital has a urinal. In which red and green tiles have been installed, which more or less resembles the flag of SP. The SP flag also has a red color at the top and a green stripe at the bottom. Tiles have also been used in urinals on a similar pattern.

SP expresses opposition, demands action

The SP tweeted that the painting of the walls of the toilet in the SP of Gorakhpur railway station hospital due to political hatred by the corrupt minded politicians is a shameful incident tarnishing democracy. The insult to the colors of the flag of a major political party is downright reprehensible. Take cognition, take action, change colors immediately.

BJP’s thinking is low: SP spokesperson

SP’s spokesperson and MLC Sunil Sajan said that the toilet constructed by the BJP in the Railway Hospital of Gorakhpur with the color of the Samajwadi Party, reflects their corrupt mentality. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s thinking is so “low” that it has no limits. “Low” is not a human being, nor is there any caste, it is just thinking. Only “lowly” thinking people can do this work. It is less condemned.


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