Yogi Adityanath UP Budget Reaction Update; Mayawati Vs Priyanka Gandhi Akhilesh Yadav | Mayawati said – Like the center, the yogi also showed beautiful dreams; SP-Congress asked for a roadmap for doubling farmers’ income

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BSP chief Mayawati targeted the Yogi government’s budget.

  • Opposition on UP budget said- Yogi government again fumed public’s expectations
  • Congress president said – the work of bringing the development plan is nothing but deceit, pretense and branding

The Uttar Pradesh government presented its 5th and last term of tenure on Monday. This was the first time the government released a paperless budget. The Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and other BJP leaders called the budget inclusive, and the Opposition called it truthless and developmentless. BSP chief Mayawati said that the budget of the BJP government came out like the budget of the central government. In the state, especially in the matter of employment etc. to remove the cruelty of unemployment is very disappointing. At the same time, Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu said that the trust of the youth has been betrayed.

Nothing for budget fraud, pretense and branding: Mayawati

  • Former Chief Minister Mayawati said that like the central government, in the UP budget, an attempt has been made to show promise and beautiful dreams to the public. The record of the UP government in terms of fulfillment of the longing for the development of about 23 crore people of UP, despite having a single party government at the center and UP, was not satisfactory as promised. Especially in the case of problems of poor, weaker sections and farmers, the budget is very disappointing.
  • When the government came in 2017, the Farmers Prosperity Commission was created. The chief minister was the chairman. But not a single meeting was held. No plans have been made for this. Now the task of bringing self-sufficient agriculture dedicated development plan is nothing but pretense and branding. If anyone goes to the paddy purchasing centers, there is no record purchase. We hoped that this government would bring some scheme for the farmers. Ola Vrishti will do something for the rains, no plan given. The electricity price also did not give any exemption for private tube wells and the farmers have not received any fertilizer except for sticks.
Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu.

Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu.

Government could not put any industry: Ajay Kumar Lallu

  • Congress President Ajay Lallu said that this government does not want employment. Mention 4 lakh jobs against 56 lakhs. 22 out of 24 recruitments are stuck. The government could not put any industry. Whether it was Bundelkhand or Purvanchal or Madhyanchal, no industry was set up anywhere. The Nishad brothers had the right to lease land in the Congress government, the right to sand, there is no plan for them. Branding and PR cannot lead to UP not CM. It was said about nutrition. UP is the worst victim of malnutrition. Not enough budget was given for the cow dynasty. Farmers’ income has been asked to double by 2022. Sugarcane records were asked to be paid. But the reality is something else. If any paddy goes to the purchasing centers, there is no record purchase.

No roadmap on how to double income: Ram Govind Chaudhary

  • Anti-leader party (SP) Ramgovind Chaudhary said that the government dedicated the budget to the overall development but did not give its meaning. Neither the announcement to increase the cane price, nor the petrol announced to reduce the price of diesel gas, yet they are saying that they will double the income of the farmer.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Finance Minister Suresh Khanna in the assembly.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Finance Minister Suresh Khanna in the assembly.


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