Yogi government minister reversed on Delhi CM Kejriwal: Kejriwal has been exposed in Delhi, his pulse will not be embraced in UP | Yogi’s minister said- Kejriwal, who has been exposed in Delhi, will not embrace his pulse in UP

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  • Yogi Government Minister Reversed On Delhi CM Kejriwal: Kejriwal Has Been Exposed In Delhi, His Pulse Will Not Be Embraced In UP

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UP spokesperson and cabinet minister Siddharth Nath Singh attacked Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal fiercely.

  • Six lakh eight thousand corona infected compared to two crore in Delhi
  • Five lakh 66 thousand are infected as compared to 24 crores in UP

In the Uttar Pradesh government, cabinet minister and spokesperson Siddharth Nath Singh hit back at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and said that he has a habit of confusing. He has been exposed in Delhi, his pulse is melting in UP. He said that you should answer the humiliation of millions of people of Purvanchal during the biggest crisis of the century, Corona epidemic. The Delhi High Court should respond to the comments made on the Delhi government. How many people did you employ? You should tell how many hospitals, medical colleges, how many AIIMS you have added.

State government spokesperson and cabinet minister Siddharth Nath was meeting journalists at the media center here on Tuesday. Now this idiom will be changed after 2022, Kejriwal’s beautiful dreams. He said that the CM of Delhi has a habit of bragging. The CM of Delhi said that ‘due to covid management and good governance in Delhi, the people of UP are saying that you should come, take care of UP’. Now Mungerilal’s dream cannot be stopped.

Why did Kejriwal not wake up when Corona spread in Delhi

He said that recently the Delhi High Court had commented on the Delhi government regarding covid management. Delhi High Court had said that when the case of Kovid was increasing, why did you not go? This is a comment on the Delhi government, its Delhi CM is citing. The High Court had said that in the last 18 days, those who have lost their family, will they be able to answer to them that when the cases were increasing, why did the administration not take action? Kejriwal should answer this, as he is talking about Kovid Management.

UP government added 52 new medicals, how many have you added?
He said that Delhi has a population of two crore, but UP has a population of 24 crore. Our area is also very large, but when we see the number, six lakh eight thousand corona are infected as compared to two crore in Delhi and five lakh 66 thousand as compared to 24 crore in UP. Answer the Aam Aadmi Party by taking out the percentage.

He said that two crore tests have been done in UP and only 72 lakh have reached Delhi so far. You would have done the same as the population of Delhi. Still you are saying our covid management is very good. He said that we have added two AIIMS in UP. Answer the number of pairs you have made. An AIIMS that is old, you cannot handle it. The UP government has added 52 new medical additions in the last four years, how many have you added?


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