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‘You Can Go See Taylor Swift…’: Chris Martin’s Impromptu Birthday Song For Young Kid Is All Things Sweet – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: September 29, 2023, 12:08 IST

Leo sat next to Chris Martin as he played the piano. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

10-year-old Leo who decided to spend his special day at the Saturday concert was called up on stage by Chris Martin.

British band Coldplay recently took over Vancouver to deliver a memorable concert for the thousands who assembled at the BC Place Stadium. Besides delivering their hit songs, the frontman, lead vocalist, and pianist of the group, Chris Martin, also sang an impromptu birthday song for a young fan. 10-year-old Leo who decided to spend his special day at the Saturday concert was called up on stage alongside a woman who seems to be his mother. For the special surprise, Leo sat next to Chris Martin, looking awestruck upon listening to the birthday song crooned just for him. Using his melodious voice, the Coldplay frontman expressed he’s delighted to have the young fan around.

“Leo, I’m so happy that you’re sitting with me. It’s your very first concert, it’s 2023. I’m happy that you’re here with us, with me and my band of men. I can’t think of a better place to be when you turn 10,” he sang before beginning the fun part. Chris listed out a belt of famous musicians hosting concerts in the country. “You could go see Justin Bieber. He’s much more sexy than me. Or you can go see Ed Sheeran. He can do crazy things you see. You can go and see Jay Z. You can go see Taylor Swift or you can go see Beyonce. She’s really God’s best gift,” he added, leading the sea of fans to erupt in laughter.

But the major highlight became the chorus of the impromptu song, wherein he thanked the 10-year-old for choosing his concert. “But Leo Leo Leo , all I want to say. Oh Leo Leo Leo, thanks for being here today. Oh Leo Leo Leo, I hope we blow you away. Thanks my brother Leo for coming to see Coldplay,” he concluded.

Watch the special moment here:

During his Music of the Spheres World Tour concert in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, Coldplay fulfilled an unexpected fan request by similarly requesting them to join him onstage. The fans wanted to hear a Barbie Girl version of the band’s hit song Everglow, and Chris Martin blew their minds away with the soulful rendition. “So if you love someone, you should let them know. Oh the light that you will give will everglow. And I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic,” he sang while dedicating the impromptu mix to the fans. Catch a glimpse of the moment below:

Music of the Spheres World Tour kick-started earlier this year in March and it will come to an end next year in September.

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