You can win if you want

Arree No…this piece is not what it appears to be. This is not a motivational article but my tryst with musical ecstasy. The title coincides with the starting lines of the classical number—You Can Win If You Want—of the ever popular Modern Talking Series.

The singer has sung this melodious rhapsody with such unrestrained enthusiasm that whenever I had encountered lows during different time zones of my life, listening to this number has often resulted in magical transformation of my thoughts.

Let me share how, when and why.

As I was about to catch a cab to reach the airport on 20 th December 2019 to participate in an international public speaking championship, it was raining not only cats and dogs but lions and leopards.

Such was the ferocity of cloud outburst, that it appeared, flight would stand cancelled. I somehow managed to reach the airport two hours before it’s scheduled departure. After the check in formalities as I sat on the cushioned seat of the waiting lobby, the fast, furious and enraged rainfall took a halt and it was announced that flight would leave on time. As I heaved a sigh of immense relief, I tucked in head phones in my ears, closed my eyes, played the song– You Can Win If You Want—and went into a zone of flashback. Reminiscing about my roots, I have the privilege of having born to a father and mother who had been avid followers of music. My father used to croon softly– Toote Na Dil Tootee Naa Sath Hamara Chutte Naa–of the classical Andaz while my mommy used to reply in her mesmerizing voice through– Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya–of Mughal-E-Azam. I picked up the same musical genes and gradually started adoring music. A friend introduced me to English numbers and from thereon started my ethereal journey into the zone of music.

When I encountered misery around the world, ‘Heal The World’ by Michael Jackson made me realize how pertinent it is to lend a healing touch. ‘Careless Whispers’ by George Michael tossed me into an utopian world of careless abandon.

I still recall in my university days during one of our trips to Dalhousie, being an introvert, listening to the song–Waiting For A Girl Like You—sung by the inimitable singer, Foreigner, through my oversized headphones, my heart skipped a beat, whenever that vivacious girl on whom I had a huge crush, used to pass before me in her utterly stylish black googles…err…goggles ( please excuse me for the word mix n fix ..can’t help as I often mess up on recalling that number and the one for whom I loved that number)

With passing years, as stress and responsibilities caught up, one song which stayed with me during all zones of my life was–You Can Win If You Want. It lifted me up in my student days when I could not clear my pre medical exam. It boosted me enormously when I encountered huge bottlenecks in my initial years of business. It elevated me when I suffered a colossal loss of fortune in real estate few years back and it propelled me from depths of melancholy when I encountered a strange and unexplained personal low two years back. This song served as an enchanting and soothing hymn just like a mammoth armour shield which prevents a soldier on the battle ground from a raging enemy.

Recalling these past events, as I had slipped into a deep slumber on that cushioned seat of airport lobby, I was jolted by an unknown sweet voice—-Sir, your flight is about to take off.

I, in a huff shot back…..You can win if you want Awestruck, she said…Sir, pardon me…I don’t want to win…I just want you to catch your flight lest you miss it.

I apologized for my faux pas, rushed towards my flight, rehearsed my speech in the plane, checked in the hotel of that championship by evening, traced the auditorium in that hotel during night time, rehearsed for three hours at stretch in that auditorium amidst the laughs, smirks and sarcastic smiles of the waiters who were subjected to the grueling session of an obsessive speaker.

Finally, as the D day arrived, I listened for one last time in my hotel room—You Can Win If You Want—took the lift, reached auditorium, the ambience of which I was already familiar due to last night’s prolonged rehearsal, spoke with full confidence…and…voila…courtesy that number of Modern Talking I was declared overall champion in that prestigious championship much to my surprise, shock and disbelief.

P.S : In these times of masks and social distancing, where you cannot physically explore the world, transport yourself to a virtual world of maniacal rhythms and melodious beats. It will enliven your soul thereby moving you towards mellowness and tranquility.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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