Young man dies in double barrack shotgun in a suspicious situation due to shooting at the temple | The young man died of being shot at the temple by a double barrel gun, the police is telling suicide

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In Lucknow, a young man committed suicide by shooting a double barrel gun under suspicious circumstances. However, police is also investigating from another angle.

  • Police reached the spot, sent the dead body for postmortem
  • Will interrogate wife to find cause of death

A case of suicide by a youth shot himself in the mercury area of ​​Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. It is being told that the young man shot himself with a double barrel gun on the right forearm and a gun is standing on the wall just next to the deceased. At present, the police say that there was a dispute with the wife, from which the reason can be found out after questioning. Police reached the spot and sent the body for postmortem.

According to the information received, the deceased Sonu Shukla is a resident of Atrauli in Hardoi district. He came to his brother’s house three days ago in the Para Police Station area. Around 7:00 am today, police received information that one person died after being shot in the house. The police arrived on the spot, the double barrel gun was standing by the wall beside the deceased. There was blood on the young man’s temple and blood scattered on the floor.

Wife was told to listen, brother’s gun is named
Sonu Shukla, the deceased, came to Badal Kheda village of Para police station area at his brother’s house 3 days ago. It is being told that the deceased Sonu had a dispute with his wife about anything, even on the phone and had a conversation with the wife 2 days ago. The police will interrogate the wife and find out the reason for the dispute. The gun has been taken over by the police for investigation. The police will take further action when the post-mortem report and ballistic report arrive.

These questions are arising after the incident
At the same time, questions are also being raised with this suicide. The double barrel gun he shot himself is standing right next to the deceased. How can a self-sacrificing young man shoot the gun with the help of a door after shooting himself?



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