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‘Your Dad Lives In You’: Robert Irwin’s Zoo Video Reminds Internet Of Steve – News18

Last Updated: September 16, 2023, 13:00 IST

Steve Irwin was also a famous zookeeper of his time. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In a recent video, zookeeper Robert Irwin introduced quokkas to his online followers at an Australian zoo. This heartwarming moment reminded the internet of his father, Steve Irwin.

It has been a pretty exciting week for prolific zookeeper Robert Irwin, who’s grown to become a famous internet and TV personality for his entertaining wildlife content. Be it introducing new members of the zoo or chronicling his playtime with wildlife species, Robert Irwin has garnered a loyal fan over the years. This week, his zoo welcomed quokkas for the first time ever and Robert Irwin couldn’t contain happiness. He quickly recorded an adorable video of his interaction with the furry creature to share it online via Instagram. Surprisingly, what stole the limelight was Robert’s mannerisms. Looking at his friendly banter with the animal, a barrage of social media users were reminded of his late father Steve Irwin.

It all began with the footage, wherein an elated Robert can be heard saying, “It’s a pretty exciting day in the Australian zoo because for the first time ever we’ve got quokkas.” The tiny creature begins to lick the zookeeper’s nose which prompts him to add, “Apparently my nose is very tasty. The affectionate banter goes on for a long time as Robert notes, Isn’t this amazing? We’ve been dreaming about quokkas for the longest time.” At one point, an uncontrollable laugh escapes from the zookeeper as the quokka continues to lick his face. “They’re just too much. You’re so cute. Thanks for the kisses. Welcome to the zoo. How are you finding everything so far,” says Robert before something catches the animal’s attention and it lunges forward causing the camera to fall.

The laughter barely leaves his face as the video comes to an abrupt end. Catch a glimpse of it here:

With over 6.3 million views, the video brought back a wave of nostalgia for several social media users. One said, “The way he talks is so much like his Dad.” Another commented, “Steve is probably ecstatic up in the afterlife. To have such an amazing legacy be lived on by your son is probably the best feeling for any man.”

One more wrote, “Omg you are you, but your dad lives in you. You two are so sweet, and funny and really transmit that deep love for animals.” Meanwhile, a user agreed, “You have the best job and you’re a shining light of your father’s spirit. You’ll take it even further.”

For those unaware, Robert’s father Steve Irwin was also a famous zookeeper of his time. Dubbed “The Crocodile Hunter,” he passed away at 44 after getting pierced in the chest by a short-tail stingray barb.

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