Youth came on bike from Mathura, took out petrol from his bike on Lucknow Expressway | A young man came on a bike from Mathura, took out petrol from the bike and set it on fire on the Lucknow Expressway; death on the spot

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On the Agra-Lucknow Expressway, a young man took out petrol from his bike and set himself on fire.

On Thursday, a youth took out petrol from his bike and set it on fire on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway. The local people tried to save him but he was burnt to death. Police have started further action by sending the body for post-mortem.

took out petrol from the bike and set it on fire

According to the information, at around 1.30 pm, the youth riding a bike numbered DL 7SQ5337 on Lucknow Expressway from Agra side stopped at Milestone 13.200 under police station Dauki. The bike rider parked the bike and set it on fire by taking out petrol in the bottle. Suddenly people tried to help the young man on seeing the burning but could not save the young man. While screaming, the young man died on the spot.

Police started action on information

Seeing the youth burning, the local people informed the police station about the incident. As soon as the information was received, Inspector-in-Charge Docky Ashok Kumar Singh reached the spot along with the police force. But by then the young man was dead. The body has been sent by the police to Agra for post-mortem.

young man living in mathura

On the basis of the passbook found in the bag of the deceased, his name was revealed to be Sharad Goswami’s son Mohan Lal Goswami resident of Govind Nagar Mathura. The police immediately informed the relatives of the deceased. The relatives of the deceased Sharad Goswami told the police that they have a school in Mathura and after completing B.Com, Sharad was handling the school. He had come to Mathura from Indore only on Wednesday and there has been no dispute with him.

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