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YouTuber Agastya Chauhan Dies After His Kawasaki Ninja Crashes on Yamuna Expressway

YouTuber Agastya Chauhan Dies After His Kawasaki Ninja Crashes on Yamuna Expressway. (Image: Instagram/@AgastyaChauhan)

Indian YouTuber Agastya Chauhan passed away after he lost his life in a accident.

Indian YouTuber Agastya Chauhan lost his life in a road accident. It happened when he was riding his bike at an alleged speed of 300 kilometres per hour on the Yamuna expressway. He was riding a Kawasaki ZX-10R. The accident took place when he was on his way from Agra to Delhi when the incident occurred. The YouTuber was known for his love of bikes and had a massive fan following on social media. As per the reports, his helmet was shattered into pieces after his bike hit a divider. This is what caused some fatal injuries.

Even though emergency services were called on the spot, the YouTuber succumbed to his injuries on the spot. Aligarhโ€™s Tappal police station took custody of his body. After this, the body was sent to the mortuary of Kailash Hospital in Noida for post-mortem.

Over speeding has caused many such accidents in the past. Aligarh Police appealed to motorists to avoid over speeding.

Earlier, a man in Mangaluru miraculously escaped a near-death accident after avoiding a collision with a bus in Elyarpadavu. All of this happened because he was over speeding. The man was riding a scooty and after escaping the collision, he hit the gate of a factory. However, he managed to make it through a very small gap between a shop and a tree in Ullal city. The CCTV footage of the incident went viral.

The video was shared on Twitter by an account going by the name Mangalore City. The caption of the tweet read: โ€˜Viral video of a young man who was speeding on a scooter and miraculously avoided colliding with a bus that was taking a U-turn near Elyarpadavu, Mangaluru. The scooter then hits the door of the fish processing unit and passed in between a shop and a tree.โ€™

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