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Zaheer Khan Replies to Ishant Sharma’s Claim, Denies Telling Virat Kohli ‘You’ve Ended My Career’ – News18

Zaheer Khan Replies to Ishant Sharma’s Claim, Denies Telling Virat Kohli ‘You’ve Ended My Career’ – News18

Zaheer Khan & Virat Kohli (Twitter & AFP)

Zaheer Khan has refuted Ishant Sharma’s claim, saying that he didn’t tell Virat Kohli ‘you’ve ended my career’, instead he revealed his side of the story

Former Indian pacer Zaheer Khan has denied Ishant Sharma’s claim that the former sarcastically told Virat Kohli ‘you’ve ended my career’, after Kohli had dropped a catch of Brendon McCullum in 2014.

The incident was brought to the public eye by Sharma while commentating during the Test series between India and West Indies.

For the unversed, India locked horns with New Zealand in Wellington which co-incidentally turned out to be Zaheer’s last international match for India. In the same match, McCullum would go on to smash a triple hundred in the second innings after being given a massive lifeline by Kohli.

Ishant recalled the whole incident although Zaheer has clarified his side of the story.

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“We were playing in New Zealand. Brendon McCullum had scored 300 runs and when Virat Kohli dropped a catch, I remembered that this happened around lunch,” recalled Sharma.

He added, “Virat said sorry to Zak and Zak said, ‘No worries, we’ll get him out.’ During tea, Kohli said sorry again and Zak told him not to worry. On the third day when Kohli apologised during tea, Zak told him, ‘You’ve ended my career’.”

However, then Zaheer chipped in and clarified that he didn’t say that.

“I didn’t say that. I said that there were only two players, the first was Kiran More who dropped Graham Gooch and he scored 300. After that, it’s Virat Kohli who dropped a catch and someone scored 300. Then, he told me not to talk like that, naturally as he wouldn’t have felt good about that. The catch was dropped and the runs were scored,” he revealed.

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New Zealand had already won the first match, however, India were in a promising position in the second Test looking to draw level but the dropped catch changed the narrative and the Kiwis managed to pull away with a draw, winning the series 1-0.

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