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How To Build A Strong Bond With Your Daughter? 5 Tips Every Father Should Follow – News18

A father should support his daughter in every decision she takes.

It is important for all fathers to understand their daughters’ basic needs and develop a strong bond with them.

The father-daughter relationship is a special one. The dynamics of this relationship play a key role in the psychological development of the girl child. They tend to become more clear about their individuality. A healthy relationship with their father improves their mental well-being too. It is thus important for all fathers to understand their daughters’ basic needs and develop a strong bond with them. Here are some things which a father must follow, to build a strong bond with their daughter.


According to a Psychology Today report, research has shown that girls who do not have close relationships with their fathers are likely to develop depression. The lack of communication plays a key role in it. This leads to her feeling alone in her life. In such a situation, it’s important for you to share your joy and sorrows with your daughter to boost their morale. They often feel lonely when they are unable to share their problems with their fathers. You must show interest in their hobbies and help them in solving their problems. Make them feel like you are always around them and they can seek guidance from you whenever needed.

Be a respectable father

Every girl wants her future partner to be like her father. When you start disrespecting your wife in front of your children, then your daughter tends to develop wrong notions about marriage. They start believing that marriage is not good for their life. This can also lead to depression in their adult age. You must never misbehave with your wife in front of your daughters. You should treat your spouse with love and respect.

Be supportive

It is believed that if the father supports her daughter in her decisions, then the girl is able to face all the difficulties and challenges in the world. As a father, you must support your daughter’s dream and make her believe that she is not alone in this process. This support strengthens them from within and increases their self-confidence. You must also guide her to make the right decisions in her life.

Be transparent

You must strive to become a father with whom a daughter can share her problems without thinking twice. Your daughter wants you to trust and respect her opinion. It’s better to maintain transparency with your daughter, so that they can talk to you about everything openly with you.

Unconditional love

In a world where body shaming and bullying prevail, a daughter expects her father to love her unconditionally on every occasion. As a father, you must try to understand your daughter and her mistakes. You should not belittle her for her wrong actions, but rather teach her about the right deeds. A father’s love should not be diminished by any incident or action of her daughter.

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