Keep your mind sharp with these 8 Android games

Do you remember the elders harping on solving crossword puzzles, eating
almonds, and voraciously reading books or newspapers? These are some of the
things considered good habits and help in stimulating the mind. While you can
continue these, let’s not forget this is the era of smartphones and digitization.
Today, it is impossible for the young and the old to stay away from their
mobile devices. People are always glued to their phones, either exchanging
WhatsApp texts or browsing through their Facebook feed. And, of course,
watching or making Instagram reels. These aforementioned things offer
entertainment and relaxation for the mind. But the online world is also a gold
mine of puzzles and other games that can help sharpen your mind.
Brain training games are not only fun but they’re proven to improve memory
and brain activity. Research in 2015 even found a direct association between
brain training games and reduced risk for dementia/Alzheimer’s. So, why not
use this fun way of staying alert and sharp?
Here are some of the top brain games that are a must-have on your Android

  1. Chess
    Undoubtedly, chess is first on the list of Android brain games that you must
    download. The game of chess has always been praised for augmenting
    brainpower. When playing chess online, you can play with friends, random
    opponents, or an unbeatable CPU.

Chess is specifically designed to make both your left and right brain work. To
win a chess game, you need to be alert and attentive, along with having an
excellent memory and problem-solving skills. The game features thirty-two
pieces on the board, and the king, queen, bishop, rook, pawn, and knight are
six distinct pieces. The game’s purpose is to protect the king. You can play
chess online on MPL. On this platform, every game of chess has a 2-minute

  1. Where’s my water?
    Based on real physics, ‘Where’s my water?’ is a fun game where players need
    to guide water via a broken shower, and you need to save as much water as
    possible. The game features different types of liquids, such as dirty water,
    ooze, and toxic water. Each of the liquid types has its unique effects and
    To win the game, players must strategize, react quickly, and have steady
    hands. The free version of the game has fifteen levels.
  2. Sudoku
    Sudoku is a great game for sharpening your mind. The game is about placing
    numbers and heavily relies on short-term memory. The puzzle game has
    various levels, and each one requires memory and concentration.
    Sudoku is a challenging game because of its rules. For instance, each row and
    column must contain numbers from 1 to 9, but without repetitions. So, playing
    this game can help you gain a deeper insight into mathematics.
  3. Brain it on
    Brain it on is a game that offers myriad challenging physics puzzles to the
    players. You have to think deeper to solve the puzzles. The game provides
    players with written instructions, and players have to complete the levels by
    drawing the shapes using their imagination.
    The game improves one’s logical capacity and imagination.
  4. Block puzzle
    If you remember and love playing Tetris, you’ll instantly have an affinity
    toward block puzzles. It is a casual puzzle game that you can play online on
    your mobile phone. The playing board has a 9X9 grid where you need to
    arrange the different objects. When the objects are arranged, the rows and
    columns disappear and make space for new objects or blocks.

The assembling of different shapes is easier said than done. It is a game that
requires intelligent thinking and fast reactions. To win the game, you need to
clear as many columns and rows as you can. The game ends when there’s no
space for placing a block.

  1. Tricky test 2
    Tricky test 2 is a trivia game where players are asked simple questions. The
    answers are usually simpler than the question, but players often have to bang
    their heads to answer them. The questions asked are usually trick questions,
    and therefore, logical reasoning is a must-have skill. Ensure not to give up
    when you cannot answer a question.
    You’ll not get bored playing this game because new questions are frequently
  2. Lumosity
    Lumosity has more than thirty brain-teasing games that challenge your
    attention, speed, flexibility, memory, and problem-solving skills. A team of
    designers and scientists have worked together to create the games, and 40+
    university researchers have also made sizable contributions to create a game
    worthy of stimulating cognitive functions. You can download and install the
    game on your Android device to play it anywhere and at any time.
  3. Flow water
    Flow water is a game of intelligence and logic, and users find it extremely
    entertaining. The game consists of seven hundred and fifty levels that are
    divided into various packs. The game’s objective is to clear a path so that water
    can safely reach its destination. The water must flow from its original location
    to the various color foundations and make waterfalls. Thanks to the 3D
    graphics of the flowing water, you can expect an enriched gaming experience.
    Let sharpening your memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills be an
    ongoing process. The brain games mentioned above can be downloaded and
    installed on your Android phone, and even if you have fifteen to thirty minutes
    to yourself in a day, play these games and stimulate cognitive functions.