Shilpa is an actress as well as a business woman: net worth of 150 crores, the owner of a hotel chain, even today she is afraid to drive a car

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Today is the 48th birthday of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. From an early age, she started modeling and then appeared in films. His personal life was also in the headlines.

She had an affair with Akshay Kumar at the beginning of her film career, but broke up within 3 years. Feeling guilty, Shilpa accused Akshay of cheating.

She faced apartheid while being a part of the British reality show. The matter escalated so much that the government had to intervene. When married, Raj Kundra’s first wife accused Shilpa that she and Raj were divorced because of her.

Shilpa’s name also came up in many controversies. However, it did not affect his career badly. Took a break from films, was successful in business as well. Owner of 150 crores, Shilpa has a business of restaurant, spa and bar.

Today, on Shilpa Shetty’s birthday, know the facts from her life…

Born in middle class family
Shilpa was born in a Tulu-speaking Bunt family in Mangalore, Karnataka. Mother Sunanda and the late Surendra Shetty, both worked in a pharmaceutical company. Shilpa’s childhood was spent in a normal way. She completed her schooling from St. Anthony’s Girls’ High School in Chembur. During that time he used to get only 3000 rupees a month, due to which he had to bear the entire expenditure.

Modeling started because of foreign photographer
Shilpa was expert in playing volleyball. Was the captain of the volleyball team in school. He also won many state level competitions. Due to being in the sun for a long time in connection with the game, his body was completely tanned. Meanwhile, Shilpa was noticed by an American photographer at an event. Praising Shilpi’s height, he sought permission to take some photographs.

Shilpa got her photoshoot done, which the photographer circulated in many modeling agencies. After this, Shilpa started getting offers for modeling. After completing 10th standard, Shilpa started her career as a model with a TV ad of Limca. After this she was a part of many modeling projects.

Shilpa with sister Shamita.

Shilpa with sister Shamita.

First film not released, appeared on screen for the first time in Baazigar
Shilpa got a lot of popularity from modeling, after which she started getting offers to work in films. In September 1992, he was cast in the film Gaata Rahe Mera Dil by director Dilip Nayak. However, that film was never released. After this she appeared in the film Baazigar. Critics liked Shilpa’s role very much and for this she also got the nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

The scene is from the film Baazigar.  The film Baazigar is inspired from the Hollywood film A Kiss Before Dying.  It was the fourth highest grossing film of 1993.

The scene is from the film Baazigar. The film Baazigar is inspired from the Hollywood film A Kiss Before Dying. It was the fourth highest grossing film of 1993.

Shilpa is scared to drive a car
Shilpa is scared to drive the car. He disclosed this in an interview. Actually, after the release of the film Baazigar, she was learning to drive a car. He did not even have a driving license at that time. One day she was going somewhere, when a cyclist came in front of her car. He had seen the film Baazigar, so on seeing Shilpa he started shouting. Meanwhile, Shilpa and the boy lost their balance, due to which the car collided with the cycle. The collision was so strong that the boy along with the bicycle came on the bonnet of the car. Shilpa was so scared of this accident that she did not drive the car till date.

Worked in all three films in 1994, two hits were a flop
In 1994, Shilpa’s three films Aag, Main Khiladi Tu Anari and Aao Pyar Karein were released. The first two films Aag, Main Khiladi Tu Anari were hits, while the film Aao Pyar Karein tanked at the box office. However, his work in the film was well received by the people.

In 1995, Shilpa’s film Hathkadi was a flop, after which she made her debut in Tamil cinema the next year with the film Mr. Romeo. After this she was a part of many films, but in most of the films she played only supporting roles.

It took 5 years for the film Dhadkan to be made because of Sunil Shetty
2000 proved to be the turning point of Shilpa’s career. This year the film Dhadkan was released, in which people liked his work very much. In an interview, Shilpa had told that director Dharmesh had cast Akshay Kumar for Ram and Sunil Shetty for Dev’s role for the film.

He wanted to finish the shooting of the film in three months, but Sunil was busy shooting for another film at that time. After waiting for some time, the director cast another actor for Dev’s role. The shooting started, but the actor was not able to play the character in the same way that the director wanted in the role of Dev. Eventually he had to wait for Sunil Shetty and thus Dhadkan was released after 5 years.

There was a change in the climax of Dhadkan
In the climax of the film Dhadkan, when Dev learns that Anjali is pregnant with Ram’s child, he elopes with Mahima. At the same time, when the script of the film was written, then in the climax, the news of Anjali becoming a mother showed the death of Dev, but the climax was changed due to being more tragic.

Had an affair with Akshay Kumar, broke up after 3 years
Shilpa remained in headlines due to her personal life along with films. Her opposite Akshay Kumar was seen in the film Main Khiladi Tu Anari. The closeness between the two increased during the shooting. The news of their dating also started coming out. Many reports claimed that both are going to get married soon. However, their relationship ended in 3 years.

Actually, while in a relationship with Shilpa, Akshay started dating Twinkle Khanna. When Shilpa came to know about this, she broke down badly and ended her relationship with Akshay. In an interview, he told that this was the worst phase of his life. He also accused Akshay of cheating.

When the media asked Akshay about his relationship with Shilpa, he confessed that he was in a relationship with Shilpa. He had also agreed to the matter of cheating, but later he also added that the one who made the allegation would be able to explain it in a better way.

There was a dispute over Shilpa’s photo
In 2006, the Madurai court had issued a warrant against Shilpa and actress Reema Sen. Shilpa was accused of getting a very obscene photoshoot done for a Tamil newspaper. Giving clarification on this, Shilpa had said that this picture is from a scene in the film.

There was a dispute over marrying Raj Kundra
Shilpa married businessman Raj Kundra in 2009. Shilpa is Raj’s second wife. He was first married to Kavita. A few years after Shilpa and Raj’s marriage, Kavita accused Shilpa of breaking the house, due to which Raj divorced her. However, later Raj, in favor of Shilpa, gave a statement that Kavita herself was the reason for the end of the relationship. She had an affair with Raj’s sister’s husband which led to the divorce. Shilpa is not at all guilty for this.

Shilpa Shetty with husband Raj Kundra and their two children.

Shilpa Shetty with husband Raj Kundra and their two children.

Shilpa was a victim of apartheid in the reality show
It is about 2007, when Celebrity Big Brother 5 was telecasted. Shilpa was seen as a contestant in the show. He had to face apartheid during this show. The rest of the contestants of the show also made fun of his Indian accent. The contestant said that he should leave the show and go home. Contestant Daniel Lloyd even called him a dog. She had also said that she did not want Shilpa to touch her food because she does not know where her hands would be living.

One day during the show, Shilpa threw chicken soup in the toilet, due to which the toilet got blocked. On this, the rest of the contestants said that Shilpa should remove the bones from the toilet with her teeth and clean it. Jade Goody had even said that Shilpa should live in a slum area for a day. Gudi did not know Shilpa’s surname, so he called Shilpa with many objectionable words.

Shilpa was very sad because of all these things. She used to celebrate every day that she should be eliminated and removed from the show, but she remained a part of the show till the last and also became the winner.

When this show was telecast, when every media channel covered the issue of apartheid. The UK government along with India also gave their reaction on this. The controversy had increased so much that the next season of the show had to be suspended midway. After the investigation, Ofcom banned the network of Channel 4 (the channel on which the show was telecasted). His allegation was that Channel 4 had breached the Ofcom code of conduct.

On 14 February 2007, Shilpa said in an interview, Jade and Daniel have apologized to me and I have forgiven them. I forgive people easily and forget things too.

The film Life in a Metro premiered in London in May 2007.  During this, Shilpa met Daniel Lloyd, both of whom also got the picture clicked.

The film Life in a Metro premiered in London in May 2007. During this, Shilpa met Daniel Lloyd, both of whom also got the picture clicked.

When Richard Gere kissed Shilpa, the matter reached the court
In the same year, Shilpa and Hollywood famous actor Richard Gere participated in a program of AIDS awareness campaign. During the program, Richard first hugs Shilpa on the stage, then kisses her unconsciously. When this video related to the program surfaced, a case was registered against Shilpa for spreading obscenity in a public place. Shilpa had said about the incident that she was not at fault in it. Which Richard did but he was maligned. Last year, the court dismissed all the charges against Shilpa, calling her a victim rather than an accused.

Shilpa is a business woman
After the 2007 film Apne Ke, Shilpa made a distance from the film industry. After this he did a cameo in a couple of films. After taking a break from films, Shilpa tried her hand at yoga business. He launched his own Yoga DVD. He also has a fitness app. She is also the owner of several fitness business firms.

He has a cooking channel on YouTube channel, which has 2.2 million followers. On this channel, she shares the recipe of healthy dishes. She is also the owner of Bastian chain of restaurants in Worli area of ​​Mumbai. Apart from this, he also has a spa and bar business. He has written a book titled The Great Indian Diet, which he has completed in collaboration with fitness expert Luke Coutinho.

Shilpa is also involved in business with husband Raj Kundra. She is also the co-owner of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals. He launched Viaan Mobiles in association with Raj Kundra. In 2014, Shilpa started Satyug Gold. Apart from this, she is also seen as a judge in many reality shows.

Will make OTT debut with Rohit Shetty’s web series
After a long break from films, Shilpa made a comeback in 2014 with the film Dishkiyaoon. His film Hungama was released in 2021 and Nikamma in 2022. In the coming days, the series made under the direction of Rohit Shetty will make an OTT debut with the Indian Police Force.

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