‘Twitter Help Me Find Him’: How Aerocity Woman’s ‘Publicity Request’ Turned into Viral Meme

‘Twitter Help Me Find Him’: How Aerocity Woman’s ‘Publicity Request’ Turned into Viral Meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Remember the woman whose tweet for finding the guy in Aerocity went viral? Well, her ‘publicity request’ has now sparked a memefest online as Twitterati join in for all the fun.

A woman recently achieved viral fame after she took to Twitter seeking assistance in locating a man she had encountered at a cafe in Aerocity, New Delhi. Accompanying her plea was a tweet featuring a photo of a man dressed in black, facing away from the camera. Her tweet read, “Looking for this guy who ordered pasta in an Aerocity cafe today around 1 pm. He was kinda ripped, in a black shirt, and had nice eyes… Wanted to talk to him, but missed it coz my cab guy kept calling me. Twitter do your thing and help me find him.”

While her tweet gained significant attention, it was later revealed that the two individuals were already connected on social media, and their actions were part of a deliberate “publicity request.” Having achieved the desired level of visibility, the incident has now sparked a trend on Twitter, with users imitating the woman’s original tweet and turning it into a meme phenomenon.

The trend has, thus, prompted a flurry of activity on Twitter, with users eagerly joining in by sharing photos of their favourite personalities sitting in a restaurant or cafe. From popular celebrities such as Virat Kohli, Christian Bale from “The Dark Knight Rises,” Tom Hiddleston from “The Night Manager,” Jenna Ortega from “Wednesday,” to Sara Tendulkar, people have flooded the platform with a diverse range of images.

No doubt, the trend has resulted in a plethora of pictures being shared on the platform, with Twitterati enthusiastically participating in the fun.

When the woman named Manjhari initially shared her tweet, some individuals criticised her for allegedly ‘stalking’ a guy and posting his pictures without his consent. For a while, the situation appeared genuine, and even the guy in question, Sumit Talwar, responded to the tweet. However, as time passed, numerous tweets started emerging, revealing that the entire incident was orchestrated to garner online attention. Despite the revelation, it’s interesting to see how the incident has now transformed into a meme trend that continues to entertain users on the platform!

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